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License and Support Renewal Notification Process

We use different methods to drive customer license renewal efficiency for Reseller Partners in our Enterprise customer segment.

Partners with renewal opportunities that qualify for the quarter are notified by phone of upcoming renewal opportunities and your customers are sent email notifications prior to license or support expiration on the following schedule:

  • The 60-day and the 30-day renewal notices encourage your customer to renew via their preferred partner, and they provide information on the reseller of record.
  • The 5-day and the 30-day post-expiration notices direct your customer to their preferred partner, and provide the option to renew online.
  • At 15-days after expiration, your customer will receive follow-up phone calls. Your customer is encouraged to work with their partner, or to renew through the call center.

We help you drive your revenue stream in the Enterprise segment by prompting your customers to renew, and include information on their original partner.


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If you have any questions, please call (866) 675-6552.


Removal of 30 Day Late Renewal Grace Period

Effective 9th May 2016, Symantec is discontinuing its 30 day grace policy (Japan, 3rd October 2016). Symantec is taking this step to align its renewal policy with its security strategy, and to improve on-time renewals and renewal cycle predictability. From this date, customers must renew prior to expiration to remain protected and avoid higher renewal costs. Refer to the documents below for more information.

Removal of 30 Day Grace Period Overview
FAQ: 30 Day Grace Policy Removal
Channel Notification: Notice of Discontinuation


Customer-facing Content:

CUSTOMER email and banner text for partner use


Importance of Renewing Maintenance


Current Maintenance entitles your customers to access Symantec’s Maintenance benefits during their Maintenance term.

Subsequent to their initial purchase, customers must renew their Maintenance in order to continue accessing Maintenance benefits and to remain compliant. Find out how to renew.


Help your customers maximize their Symantec software investment with current Maintenance:

  • Critical security content updates that provide first line defense against the latest attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Important product updates that improve functionality and optimize product performance.
  • Version Upgrades that deliver major security advances, cutting-edge features and technology innovations to stay ahead of cybercrime.
  • 24/7 technical support for rapid response and issue resolution to minimize downtime
  • Access to numerous self-help and learning resources, forums and diagnostic tools