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Competency Overview

Competencies recognize and reward your experience, insight and expertise in a solution or delivery area.


Build your capabilities to deliver a better customer experience with Symantec Competencies

Secure One Competencies have been designed to keep up with the dynamic and fast growing Security market. Partners who demonstrate proficiency in specific solution areas by achieving SCS certifications and illustrate unique expertise to customers will be rewarded with financial and non-financial benefits.

Partners who possess elevated status in multiple competencies will have the ability to advance through the Secure One tiers and earn additional benefits.

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Metal Tiers

Partners can achieve the following tiers within a Competency grouped into two different business models to better match your needs and capabilities.

Silver: Partners at the Silver tier have achieved program-defined revenue targets.

Gold: Partners at the Gold tier demonstrate the capability and commitment to deliver the respective Symantec solutions. These partners have achieved program-defined revenue targets and completed the required certification exams, where applicable.

Platinum: Partners at the Platinum tier demonstrate advanced capabilities in the respective Symantec Competency. This elevated level of competency indicates achievement of the top program-defined revenue targets, and an increased number of certified specialists on staff to support our joint customers.

Competencies align to the Secure One Framework based on a partner’s business model.

Integrate: A partner business model that typically involves recommending and building integrated solutions from multiple components/products, with strong focus on service delivery and professional services.

Resell: A partner business model that involves reselling products and solutions from vendors to end-customers, typically without providing additional service, support, or customization.

These business models may also be referenced in the context of Competencies and the certification requirements for each.

Competency Areas and Product Families

Secure One Competencies are focused on four (4) areas and are designed to help partners effectively deliver solutions a customer needs and assist you in the way you do business.


Secure One Competency


Product Families

Symantec Core Security Competency Partners with the Core Security Competency demonstrate experience in delivering Endpoint, Gateway and Mobility security solutions.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Web & Email Security
  • Symantec Mobility
Symantec Threat Protection Competency Partners with the Symantec Threat Protection Competency are recognized for their expertise helping customers address more advanced threats and targeted attacks across multiple control points, including endpoint, network and email.
  • Symantec Endpoint Management
  • Symantec Data Center Security
Symantec Information Protection Competency Partners with the Information Protection Competency are recognized for their expertise helping customers protect and control access to their data wherever it is located; on premises, in transit, or in the cloud. They have visibility and control over how users are storing, accessing and sharing information.
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Symantec Encryption
  • Symantec User Authentication
Symantec Cyber Security Services Competency Partners with the Cyber Security Services Competency are recognized for their expertise helping customers extend their current capabilities and strengthen their security posture across Managed Security Services, DeepSight Intelligence, Incident Response and Security Simulation. Services that address a customer’s critical shortage of in-house security expertise and support their need to minimize detection, decrease response times, reduce operational overhead and enable compliance by proactively recognizing potential threats.
  • Symantec Managed Security Services
  • Symantec DeepSight Security Intelligence