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Competency Overview

Competencies recognize and reward your experience, insight and expertise in a solution or delivery area.


Build your capabilities to deliver an even better customer experience

The Symantec Competencies framework evolved from the Symantec Specialization model, and is designed to recognize partners who demonstrate proficiency in particular solution and delivery areas.  By achieving a Symantec Competency, you help illustrate to your customers that you have the insight, experience and solutions-expertise required to address their unique business challenges.

Financial benefits and other rewards in the Partner Program are linked to competencies and awarded based on attainment of accreditations, performance and proven customer reference and satisfaction requirements.

Learn about the Symantec Partner Program

The Symantec Competencies framework evolved from the Symantec Specializations model, recognizing partners who demonstrate proficiency in particular solution and delivery areas. Competencies help to extend your investments in Specialization(s) by building upon your existing capabilities to deliver an even better customer experience.

Competency Levels

There are two levels of competency:

  • Principal Competency:  Designates partners who have completed the baseline training associated with a competency and have successfully completed required exams while also achieving pre-defined revenue targets and fulfilling customer reference requirements.
  • Expert Competency:  Indicates validated proficiency in a solution area, achievement against advanced revenue and growth targets, and demonstration of customer reference and satisfaction.

Partners who possess elevated status in multiple competencies will have the ability to advance through the Partner Program tiers and earn additional benefits.

Competencies align to the Partner Program Framework based on a partner’s business model.

Integrate: A partner business model that typically recommends and builds integrated solutions from multiple components/products, with strong focus on service delivery and professional services. These business models may also be referenced in the context of competencies and the accreditation requirements for each.

Resell: A partner business model that resells products and solutions from vendors to end-customers, typically without providing any additional service, support, or customization. These business models may also be referenced in the context of competencies and the accreditation requirements for each.

You will hear more about the details associated with Symantec’s Distributor Partner Program in the coming months. We understand that predictability is important to your business and our plan is that the launch of our new Distributor Partner Program will occur once the transition of our Channel partners is complete to help offer you a more predictable, stable and profitable engagement with us.


You have our commitment to support you as you transition to a Symantec Distributor Partner Program that offers more value to your business and for our mutual partners and customers. You will have sufficient time to evaluate the details of the Symantec Distributor Partner Program, determine how the changes may benefit your business, and begin planning your own transition strategy.

Competency Areas

Through the Symantec Partner Program, partners will have the opportunity to achieve competency in the following solution and delivery areas (Availability of each competency may vary by region):

Archiving Competency

Symantec partners that achieve the Archiving Competency deliver solutions to curtail the explosive growth of data by leveraging archiving solutions to drive efficiencies of reducing email storage without hampering employee productivity.

Data Security Competency

Partners with the Data Security Competency offer insight and solutions that reduce the complexity and expense of deploying tools that discover, monitor, and protect their customer’s information while maintaining compliance with IT policies and government regulation.

Dynamic Storage and Continuity Competency

Continuous uptime is of paramount importance in a global economy and Symantec Partners with the Dynamic Storage and Continuity Competency are adept at implementing solutions that keep client data and applications continuously available across operating systems, and disparate hardware.

eDiscovery Competency

Partners with the eDiscovery Competency deliver solutions that help customers speed time to resolution, improves discovery accuracy and control the costs of managing information and litigation by bringing transparency and control to the electronic discovery process.

Endpoint Management Competency

Partners with the Endpoint Management Competency provide solutions and implementation services that reduce the complexity of managing hundreds to tens of thousands devices while improving visibility and cost controls over those IT assets being deployed.

Endpoint Security Competency

Partners attaining the Endpoint Security Competency deliver endpoint protection to customers of all sizes ensuring safety against even the most advanced sophisticated attacks.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Competency

Partners who possess the Enterprise Backup and Recovery Competency can help customers optimize the efficiency of their data centers and provide reductions in cost and complexity of protecting the value and integrity of critical business information.

Gateway Security Competency

Partners that have achieved the Gateway Security Competency help ensure that customers have the solutions and insight to secure their email and web infrastructure.

Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Competency

Partners attaining the Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Competency offer enterprise-class data protection solutions for SMB and mid-market firms that keep management cost down while providing high functionality - especially as they increase their use of virtualized environments and appliances platforms.

Mobility Competency

A partner attaining the Mobility Competency has demonstrated the knowledge and skills to deploy solutions that protect the customer’s mobile devices, data, enterprise applications and systems from intrusion while balancing the need for corporate and personal data security without impacting user productivity in the field.

Security Monitoring and Management Competency

Partners achieving the Security Monitoring and Management Competency have demonstrated services expertise delivering real-time threat monitoring and analysis and prevention steps to secure their customers sites while minimizing impact on business operations and security risk.

Services Expert Competency

Services Expert Competencies have been created to recognize those Master Specialist Partners in the SPP that deliver Expert level Services on our solutions but do not meet the revenue requirements for the Integrate Competency Expert level. This is an interim designation that will be used until the Influencer Partner Program launches.


To find out more about the competencies available to you, log in to PartnerNet and view the competency list on the Programs page.