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Unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate and threatens to bury our businesses and organizations. Emails, documents, and other files are expensive to keep but need to be available. Symantec can help you solve the problem of unbridled data growth. Our solutions enable you to keep what’s necessary at a lower cost and deliver dramatic savings and improved response times to legal and regulatory requests. Go ahead. Discover what’s critical.

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Expand your business and increase revenue with services

You need more than software to effectively protect and manage your customers' information. You need services, too.

From support and education to managed services, Symantec Services help you protect information completely, manage technology easily, and respond to business needs rapidly.

Our portfolio of services represent an opportunity to expand your business and increase revenue.




 Please note that not all solutions, products or services are available for distribution in your market. Please reference your Contract Details to determine which solutions are available for your area.